Welcome to Kimchi and TV, a blog dedicated to all the Korean stuff I’ve watched and enjoyed (or endured) all these years.

For most of the past year, I’ve been hounding Dramabeans for my daily dose of Korean drama goodness. I still prefer watching every episode but sometimes either my curiosity gets the better of me or I simply do not have the time to do so. Instead, I go to Dramabeans to read the latest recaps and my day is made.

Alas, awesome as javabeans, girlfriday and the rest of the crew at Dramabeans are, they cannot bend space and time. As much as we’d love for them to recap all Kdramas, especially the old ones, we cannot impose on them. They may be goddesses but they also have so much on their plates like work, studies and life – much like us mere mortals.

So, in grateful appreciation of Dramabeans and the girls, I’ve put up this blog to recap what they can’t. I’ve compiled a list of future projects based on recommendations from javabeans, girlfriday, thundie, ockoala, et. al.

But first, some words of caution. If you’re expecting quality recaps that are infused with intelligent analysis and witty quips, then you are bound to get frustrated. I rely heavily on subtitles so I wouldn’t know if the actor is acting poorly or whatnot. My reaction to a scene would depend on how I’m reading the substitle.

I am also not good in history so I may fail to connect certain scenes to historical facts. And I’m sure I’d commit more blunders than I’d want to, so please extend me some understanding.

If you want to contribute your thoughts, please feel free to email me at dramabuff@ymail.com or leave your comments and/or suggestions after the posts. Thank you very much and I hope you will support this blog.